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Professor Nikos Ntoumanis

Professor Nikos Ntoumanis is currently a Research Professor within the Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine Research Group at Curtin University. He completed his PhD in Medical Sciences at the University of Exeter in 1999, and worked as a lecturer in the University of Birmingham from 2001. In 2011 he was promoted by the University of Birmingham to a Professor.

He is interested in personal and contextual factors that optimise motivation and promote performance, morality, psychological well-being and health-conducive behaviours. Areas of interest are physical activity promotion in different community settings, self-regulation of weight management goals (diet and physical activity goals), and psychology of sport with emphasis on applications of contemporary theories of motivation. He has developed new research instruments in the form of questionnaires that have been widely adopted and translated (peer motivational climate, psychological need thwarting, controlling coach behaviours), and has also empirically integrated theoretical frameworks in various settings (self-determination theory and self-regulation, self-determination theory and achievement goal theory) and developed innovative interventions for the promotion of physical activity engagement, adherence, and psychological well-being.