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Assistant Professor Masato Kawabata

• PhD (Sport and Exercise Psychology), University of Queensland, Australia
• Masters (Health and Sport Sciences), University of Tsukuba, Japan
• BHPE, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Masato has been interested in how physical activity affects physical and psychological well-being and human development. In the quest to find answers to that question, he has conducted extensive research on flow (a psychological state in which people are functioning optimally with focus and high engagement) in physical activity settings. As an educator, he has been most interested in how practitioners (e.g., educators and coaches) can assist others in engaging constructively so that they can lead flourishing lives. He has used physical activity (e.g., exercise and sport) as a vehicle for fostering the principles of personal growth.

Masato's research interests include exercise and sport psychology, engagement, motivation, measures of these constructs, optimal functioning, effects of exercise on cognitive functions, physical activity promotion, and positive human development.

His research outputs have been published in respectable international journals such as the Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Journal of Sports Sciences, and Motivation and Emotion. He has also been an editorial board member for The Sport Psychologist.