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Ms. KONG Leng Chee

Leng Chee’s early work experience was in the mental health setting, primarily with homeless people suffering from schizophrenia and often with comorbidities such as depression and anxiety. Thereafter, she joined the Ministry of Education (Singapore) as a school-teacher. For more than a decade, she taught students in the mainstream and in the Gifted Education Programme. She was also an in-house counsellor. She had worked with students including students who are twice-exceptional, with their motivational, emotional and social issues.

Leng Chee is currently a PhD candidate at the Psychological Studies Academic Group, National Institute of Education (NIE). Her research centres on motivation in learning. She is exploring if mindfulness could foster more autonomous motivational regulation and promote more adaptive social-emotional learning outcomes. In NIE, she tutored/tutors pre-service and in-service teachers in Educational Psychology, Assessment and research-related courses.

She is interested in topics related to the psychology of learning, for example, teacher education, gifted education, motivation in learning, social-emotional learning, and mental health and well-being. She welcomes conversations and collaborations in works related to the psychological science of learning.