MERL is...

the only satellite laboratory of the Rochester Human Motivation Lab in Asia. We have Professors Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, the creators of Self-Determination Theory, as consultants of our laboratory. Research here focuses primarily on motivational issues in education. Though guided primarily by the Self-Determination Theory, our research on motivational issues in education concurrently integrates other motivational theories as well.

Our purpose...

is primarily to translate research findings on motivation into (LINK) practical guides for teachers and practitioners in Singapore for application in schools.

We also regularly organise seminars and conferences because we believe strongly in knowledge sharing.

Join us!

We warmly welcome interested faculty and researchers from other institutions to collaborate with us. We also welcome graduate students interested in motivation to join us. Do look through our (LINK) faculty profiles for the research directions taken at MERL and contact any of us for further information and suggestions.

MERL's International Advisory Panel, International Faculty, NIE Faculty as well as graduate students has been growing steadily since the establishment of the laboratory. We now have a total of 13 renowned professors in our international advisory panel, and a total of 7 international faculty members.

MERL is led by Professor John Wang, Associate Professors Liu Woon Chia and Nikos Chatzisarantis, and is advised by Professor Tan Oon Seng, the Dean of Teacher Education. Other core research staff include Coral Lim, How Yew Meng, Tan Ser Hong, Jayalakshmy Aarthi, Clare Sim, and Rachel Evans.