Understanding Motivation in the Classroom:

Evidence and Practices

This symposium provided some insights and practical strategies for teachers, school leaders and policy makers to enhance student motivation in the classroom. Three speakers shared their empirical research and experience in this area. Questions were discussed 1) how difficult it is to implement motivational strategies in the classroom? ii) what would be the benefits for teachers to implement these motivational strategies? iii) what is the value of tangible rewards and its impact on motivation in the classroom? and iv) how school can support student motivation? You may find some answers to the above questions through a series of three presentations in the symposium.Two members of MERL presented at this symposium. First, Professor Johnmarshall Reeve shared his research in autonomy-supportive classroom, what it is and how to do it? Next, Professor John Wang shared his research in antecedents of teachers’ use of motivational strategies in the classroom. Finally, Dr Dennis Kom from the Ministry of Education, talked about understanding motivational practices in the school and classroom contexts.

About the Presenters

Professor John Wang is a BPS Chartered Psychologist and registered with the Health Professions Council of UK as a Sports and Exercise Psychologist. He obtained his PhD from Loughborough University in the UK in Sport and Exercise Psychology. He is the founder of the Motivation in Educational Research Laboratory (MERL), with the research focus on motivational issues related to education. Professor Wang's areas of research include motivational and emotional aspects of physical activity and exercise. His recent publications have been on sport ability beliefs, achievement goals, intrinsic motivation, emotion, and self-esteem. In addition, he also wrote papers on outdoor education, project work, internet gaming, and problem-based learning.

Professor Johnmarshall Reeve is a professor in the Department of Education at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea. He received his PhD from Texas Christian University and completed postdoctoral work at the University of Rochester. Johnmarshall’s research interests center on the empirical study of all aspects of human motivation and emotion with a particular emphasis on teachers’ motivating styles and students’ motivation and engagement during learning activities. He has published many articles on motivation in journals such as the Journal of Educational Psychology, Educational Psychologist, and the Elementary School Journal.


Presentation Slides

Helping Teachers Adopt a more Motivating Classroom Style
Professor Johnmarshall Reeve

School Connectedness and Motivation in Learning
Dennis Kom

Teachers' Use of Motivational Strategies in The Classroom
Professor John Wang, W. C. Liu, Y. H. Kee, & L. K. Chian