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Mr. CHONG Yek Wei

BPsych (HELP University, Malaysia), MSc candidate (National Institute of Education).

Yek Wei completed his Bachelor degree with Honors in Psychology in HELP University College, Malaysia. During his years in the program, he participated as part-time research assistant in a few major research projects done by UNICEF Malaysia and University of Oxford.

Yek Wei is currently a research assistant for Motivation in Educational Research Laboratory (MERL) in NIE. He has been involved in various projects in motivation and education throughout the years in NIE. His research interests include the effects of hugs on anxiety and the effects of brief mindfulness induction on habits. He is currently pursuing his MSc in exercise psychology in NIE, focusing on utilizing mindfulness to disengage sedentary habit.

Chong, Y. W., Kee, Y. H., & Chartuvedi, I. (2014). Effects of brief mindfulness induction on weakening habit: Evidence from a computer mouse control task. Mindfulness, 6(3), 562-588.