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Associate Professor Liu Woon Chia

Liu Woon Chia (BSc National University of Singapore, Dip Ed National Institute of Education, MEd University of Nottingham, PhD University of Nottingham) is the Associate Dean for Practicum and School Partnerships (Office of Teacher Education) at the National Institute of Education. She is also an associate professor with the Psychological Studies Academic Group and a founding member of the Motivation in Educational Research Laboratory.

Woon Chia was previously the Sub-Dean of Diploma Programme. From 2008-2009, she served as a co-chair of the Theory-Practice task force in NIE’s Programme Review & Enhancement (PRE) initiative, which culminated in NIE’s Teacher Education Model for the 21st Century (TE21). Thereafter, she was a co-chair of the Theory-Practice Core Team for the TE21 implementation steering group.

Currently, she is the President of the Educational Research Association of Singapore. She represents Singapore in the World Education Research Association (WERA) Council. She is also the co-convener of the WERA-IRN (International Research Network) titled “Teacher education for the 21st century: Developing teachers who are thoughtful, reflective, and inquiring”. Her research interests include clinical practice, mentoring, e-portfolio, motivation, as well as innovative teaching strategies such as problem-based learning.